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  • Sorcha Wool

    In the midst of life’s challenges, if you find yourself feeling anxious or saddened, or if your child is navigating difficulties, you’ve landed in the right sanctuary. Sorcha, a compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is your guide to a supportive haven where collaboration fuels transformative solutions.

    Sorcha’s Approach:

    Step into a space where virtual and in-person sessions become more than just appointments—they are opportunities for collaborative growth. Sorcha fosters a safe and supportive environment, where together, you’ll create fresh perspectives and effective life solutions. Her expertise extends to children as young as five, teenagers, and adults.

    Credentials and Experience:

    Sorcha is a distinguished graduate of Florida International University, bringing over a decade of dedicated experience to her practice. With a specialization in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and play therapy, she adeptly addresses a spectrum of concerns, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, women’s issues, and trauma.

    Tailored Solutions:

    Beyond her credentials, Sorcha brings a personalized touch to her practice. Each individual’s journey is unique, and Sorcha tailors her approach to meet the distinct needs of every person who seeks her support.

    Complimentary Consultations:

    Curious about Sorcha’s therapeutic approach? Dip your toes in with a complimentary 15-minute consultation, available over the phone or virtually. It’s a chance to explore how Sorcha’s empathetic and collaborative style aligns with your needs.

    Contact Information: [email protected]

    Embark on a journey of healing and resilience with Sorcha. Let’s navigate challenges, build resilience, and craft a path towards positive transformation.