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  • Autism

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    Autism Counseling

    Autism awareness is at an all-time high, widely discussed by the medical community, media outlets, concerned parents, and society in general. While autism may appear to be more widespread today than decades ago, experts believe the increase in diagnoses is due to greater awareness of autism and its signs and symptoms.

    Autism is a  bio-neurological developmental disorder. Autism it is most commonly characterized by difficulty in communicating and interacting with others, and obsessive or repetitive behavior. Depending on how a child is communicating and interacting, autism diagnoses can start as young as two years old. It’s also not uncommon for adults to seek diagnosis if they notice symptoms in themselves or their children.

    Autism spectrum disorder impacts the nervous system. As such, individuals on the spectrum can have difficulties with: sensory regulation, regulation of emotions and anxiety, and regulation of attention and impulses, among other things. 

    A licensed clinician can help with an evaluation and assist with providing your child with strategies to best manage the symptoms and embrace the strengths that autism can provide. Once diagnosed, a therapist can help the family better manage those symptoms by providing support to help navigate different areas of a person’s life. Keep in mind we are not here to change or have anyone adapt to any “neurotypical” standards.  

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