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    Discover Supportive Navigation!

    Providing a haven for neurodivergent individuals – autistic teens, ADHDers, those with OCD, sensory differences, dyslexia, intellectual disability, Tourette syndrome, and 2e gifted teens. Tailored empowerment awaits, fostering connections with peers. Sessions start Jan 17th, 2024 – Apr 19th, 2024, Wed 6-7 p.m., Fri 5-7 p.m. Contact us at [email protected] or call 954-405-8415.

    Group Details:

    – 🕒 60-min weekly sessions     

    – 👥 8-12 kids per closed group

    – 🔐 Closed group

    – 📅 13 weeks total


    – 🏫 Group 1: 6th – 7th grade

    – 🎓 Group 2: 8th – 9th grade

    – 🎓 Group 3: 10th -12th grade

    Join us in creating a supportive space for growth and connection! 

    Meet Nicole, Our Neuro-Affirming Guide! 

    NICOLE GEYER, MA,RMHI (she/her) Nicole, a mental health counseling intern, brings over 5 years of dedicated experience in empowering youth and their families. Her journey has been devoted to creating neuro-affirming interventions through school and clinic-based therapy programs. 

    Specialized Approach: Nicole is a beacon of support for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism and related conditions. Her focus extends beyond traditional models, embracing neurodivergent strengths with passion.

    Collaborative, Strengths-Based Guidance: Nicole doesn’t just facilitate, she collaborates. Her approach is rooted in collaboration and strength-based practices, empowering clients to shape their unique narratives. Nicole guides them to be the authors of their own lives.

    Holistic Support: Beyond neurodiversity, Nicole stands beside clients experiencing anxiety, depression, and dysregulation. Her neuro-affirming journey goes hand in hand with fostering mental well-being.

    Ready to embark on a neuro-affirming path to growth and self-discovery?